Legalise Squatters Rights

  1. Establish a list of all rental properties to include the date it was last occupied.
  2. Any rental property left vacant for more than a year becomes available to squat.
  3. Establish a reporting system that enables squatters to apply for protection of law.

Are there any points you think are necessary to include in this proposal? If so then please leave a comment below.

One thought on “Legalise Squatters Rights

  1. That kind of policy is flat out bonkers and completely destructive to the Irish economy.

    Who is going to buy property to redevelop if property must be developed and occupied in under 12 months? Who is going to invest in a country with such crazy property laws? Can you imagine commercial premises who are in the process of looking for new tenants losing their entire building because they could not find tenants within 12 months?

    Already squatters rights are far too lenient in this country and I really think it sends the wrong message to the general public for Ireland’s Cannabis Party to be supporting these kind of policies. It conjures up negative stereotypes regarding Cannabis users and would alienate many of the public who otherwise are pro legislation.

    Again like I said in my comment on your UN policy just concentrate on legalisation instead of trying to make policies involving economics, property law and foreign policy.


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