Legalise Abortion

  1. The issues involved in deciding to have an abortion are so complex that only basic guidelines can be offered by legislation. The ultimate decision can only be made by the mother in consultation with her doctor.
  2. Due to the very real possibility that abortion may be the ending of a human life, we need to ensure that mothers seeking an abortion have every opportunity to change their minds.
  3. War and abortion are the two  worst things that human beings engage in. We must find political answers to the reasons women seek abortions and countries go to war. Simply making them illegal is a pointless, vote getting exercise.

Do you agree, disagree or do you have an alternative viewpoint? Please leave your comments in the box below.


2 thoughts on “Legalise Abortion

  1. You will never stop people from seeking abortions. you either have safe abortion or unsafe abortion. Its a private matter between a person and their doctor and its no one elses business after that. Ireland has now legalised abortion in certain circumstances but it doesnt go far enough. As early as possible, as late as necessary. Just like legalising cannnabis its a matter of bodily autonomy and you will never find ‘political answers’ as its not a political debate. Our bodies, our lives, our right to decide.


    • Well said Eileen. This particular section of the website has been active for almost 3 years and should probably be updated to reflect a more inclusive position, such as the one you suggest. I’m looking forward to the day when a team is involved in our web and facebook pages and can react speedily to any of your concerns.


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