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  2. If you can get involved in activism check out the Resources for Activists menu.


  1. Register as a member of Ireland’s Cannabis Party or any political group that supports legalisation.
  2. Try to speak to your local political representatives. Phone their constituency offices or write to ask for an appointment. Expressing your views in writing is probably a waste of time. Only by talking to them face to face or on the phone can you be sure you’re opinions have been heard. It may not be possible to meet or speak to all of your local TDs but you should be able to speak to somebody who can deal with your request.
  3. Write to An Taoiseach and the relevant ministers (they have to reply).
  4. If there isn’t a Cannabis Social Club in your area then start one yourself.
  5. Use any online means at your disposal to progress legalisation efforts.
  6. Make up your own posters and put them up in public places.
  7. Write public letters and do letter drops.
  8. Make up flyers and hand them out yourself.
  9. For the more adventurous, ironic/comedic stunts that get media attention would be a real treat. Provided nobody gets hurt. Whatever you get up to, don’t forget to blame Ireland’s Cannabis Party for it.


  1. To stand up for the rights and liberty of Irish citizens during this period of prohibition.
  2. To give fair-minded people who support legalisation the opportunity to use our proportional representation system to also support our candidates.
  3. To become a focus for the hundreds of groups around Ireland. Something they could all support.
  4. To give people with no faith in politics, something to vote for.
  5. To become part of a worldwide network of political parties that support the legalisation of cannabis.


  1. We need 300 people to register as members of Ireland’s Cannabis Party
  2. We need them to attend a National Convention that will decide the future of the party, vote on a Party Constitution and elect party officials.
  3. Whoever has been elected by the party members will then apply for recognition as an official political party. If you want to see the regulations for yourself then check out this link at Citizen’s Information.

Please leave any comments in the box below and don’t forget to register as a member.


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  1. Hi guys I’m a huge supporter of cannabis medical and recreational and legalized . I’m 27 , male and have a big passion for cannabis I’ve thought of moving aboard to america just purely cause I’d love a job in cannabis because of my big passion for it .. But I’m living in Ireland and I want to see our beautiful country open its mind and heart to cannabis in Ireland I believe were still a long way off having recreational cannabis in this country and we as cannabis consumers are not doing enough for this huge cause .. I’m writing to yous today to ask can I be part of this movement .. I’ve a few ideas in mind .. I’ve already emailed all minsters and TD’s in what there views are and to be honest only a handful agree with recreational use .. I really want to become a key player in this movement I’m sick of educating myself on this matter I know all there is to know on the matter and I believe with my knowledge of cannabis I could make a difference even in a small way .. My next step is to meet with TDs and hand out leaflets on why cannabis should be legal .. Someone get onto me please I’m willing to do anything I can to help

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  2. I was just growing a few autos for personal use..
    Now I am in in big shit because somebody called the gards and they are making a stupid valuation of it.
    A bedroom cupboard with a few small plants they are calling worth several thousand euros.If you can help in any way, my case is in Ennis on May 25 2021


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